Barbarian The Duel

Programación de software retro

Barbarian The Duel is a videogame for MSX2 computers with 128KBytes VRAM based on the successful ‘Barbarian the Ultimate Warrior’ by Palace Software.

This game is a shortened version of the full game ‘Barbarian The Arcomage’s Downfall’

Story and game background

Thara and Bravos must get ready to face the evil Arcomage, who devastated the Land of Shrikar several years ago.

They know it’s no easy task because their first real enemy will be the wicked Dim Knight.

Fulfill their destiny, gather your resources and join the battle!

The game

Display your power, authority and skills fighting against the Dim Knight or against another human player…


 The game uses a sprite painting algorithm similar to the one in the Pointless Fighting game.

 The OPLL sound chip (MSX-MUSIC) will be used if found. In another case, the PSG standard is used.

 Optionally, if you have an OPL4 expansion (Moonsound or clone), voices will sound during battles.



Fernando García (coding)

Sergio “Spota” Santamaría (graphics)

Andrés de Pedro (graphics)

Óscar Centelles (graphics)

Roberto “Guantxip” Álvarez (graphics and illustrations)

José Ángel Morente (music)

Alastair Brown (testing)

Pablo “Pablibiris” Pallarés (testing)

Rubén “Araubi” Sanchez Barros (testing)


Special Thanks to

Jorge Romero González

Armando ‘Ramones’ Pérez

Bart Velzen

OpenMSX dev team

Palace for “Barbarian The Ultimate Warrior”



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