Codename: INTRUDER

Programación de software retro

Codename:INTRUDER is an old school shoot’em up video-game for any MSX with 16KB of RAM and a V9990 extension cartridge (GFX9000/Powergraph).

Bitvision Software tried to bring to our MSX machines a great game to give a proper use for our V9990 based video extensions.

You can download the digital copy for free here.

You can buy the game here.

Story and game background


“Our sensors are detecting a fast approaching UFO in Flashing Gamma Star, our early warning orbital station. Our intelligence shows that this intruder is hostile…, in fact it is the same one that unsuccessfully tried to penetrate our planet defences. The damage caused to our defences last time was almost catastrophic…

“THIS IS AN EMERGENCY, we must destroy this intruder immediately… All stations, I repeat, all stations this is RED ALERT!”.

“We will rely on our 5 levels of high defence zones to intercept the intruder”

“1st is the asteroid zone containing unexpected dangerous meteor swarms. Our defences along with this hostile environment are more than a match for any intruder in this zone.”

“2nd is the spaceship cruiser belt, still containing the debris from the recent unsuccessful attack by the intruder. His last mission was halted in this zone.”

“3rd the Super-Dreadnought has enough attacking power to stop any invasion.”

“4th is the our main defence system at our natural satellite.”

“5th Our planet is the last stand and our last line of defence. Over land and sea, from the ground and the air we will eliminate the intruder.” 


Codename: INTRUDER is a video-game designed for any MSX compatible system (MSX/MSX2/MSX2+/TR) with 16KB of RAM at least and a compatible V9990 extension (GFX9000/Powergraph). Optionally is possible to utilise an external SCC source inserted into a different cartridge slot, improving the game music.

On top of that you may enjoy some of the great v9990 extension capabilities such as nice colourful graphics,  smooth parallax scrolls, use of double screen, …

Get your physical copy here


Fernando García (BTV): Code

Sergio Santamaría (H.Spota): Main graphics & plot

John Hassink: Music & sfx

Roberto Alvarez (Guantxip): Cutscenes

Alastair Brown: Coordination & main testing

Oscar Centelles: SC2 art

Special thanks to :

Antonio J. Estrada (Assembler) for explaining many things about the v9990 technology.

OpenMSX dev team for building the best MSX emulator ever.

Raúl Mayor (cover)

Additional thanks to 

Pablo Pablibiris, Daniel González, Ramón Castillo, Alex Koedooder for deep game-play testing.

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