Green Gravity Guy Plus (GGG+)

Programación de software retro

Green Gravity Guy Plus is a videogame for MSX Computers with 16KBytes RAM, V9990 extension and OPL4 music system.

 It’s a review of the original Green Gravity Guy game with multiple extra stuff such as collectable items, scoring system, OPL4 music, etc

You can buy the game here.

Story and game background

 Welcome to the world of the universally famous Professor Aicrag, a.k.a Green Gravity Guy or G.G.G. for short! 

The Professor has spent the last 3 months searching  beneath the surface of the desolate planet ‘KNISSAH’ for very valuable minerals for his investigations. 

It is now time for him to return to his orbiter craft ‘The OTREBOR V’ which passes by KNISSAH’s atmosphere for just 5 minutes every 6 months. The Professor has discovered that there are small platforms of atomic oxygen known as ‘NWORBLA’ in the atmosphere surrounding KNISSAH. Using his specially designed jet-pack, and his strange jumping technique, the Professor must make his way up to the atmosphere where he can join the OTREBOR V.

About the original GGG what is the GGG+ based on

Green Gravity Guy is a videogame for MSX Computers with 16KBytes RAM, V9990 extension and SCC sound chip. Please don’t get confused with Green Gravity Guy Plus (GGG+)

It was given away as gift for all those who bought the Condename:INTRUDER physical release.


Fernando Garcia (BTV): Code, manual and team coordination

John Hassink: OPL4 Music

Roberto Alvarez (Guantxip): Graphics

Alastair Brown: Testing


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